Inner Power Therapy

Awaken the Strength within

Let’s work on any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Awake your Inner Power

Achieve harmony of your Mind, Body and Spirit

Meet Maya Paunovic - Your Clinical Hypnotherapist

Maya believes in that inner power that everyone has to accomplish anything they desire in life.

Maya is your expert for change who is extremely passionate about helping her clients awaken that inner power, discover their true potential and live a joyful, meaningful and abundant life.

Maya is highly intuitive, and she will work with you to identify the real obstacles preventing you from reach your full potential. She will provide you with thoughtful and empathetic support throughout your transformational journey. She wants you to appreciate your life as it is right now.

​She combines highly efficient therapies with her own life experience to achieve the deepest transformation in the shortest amount of time.​

She has extensive experience in working with people experiencing anxiety, loss of direction, uncertainty, weight issues, confidence issues, negative emotions, emotional pain, limiting beliefs, loss of motivation, relationship issues, just to name a few.

Through her exploration of meditation, hypnosis, psychotherapy, energy work, emotional freedom technique and reiki, she cleansed her negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs, freeing herself from persistent feelings of fear, anxiety and deep unhappiness.

Upon completing her own transformation, she became certified in a variety of healing modalities. She is dedicated to helping others become their best selves. She is aware of the immense joy in life and enjoys helping others discover it as well.

Maya is a certified Strategic Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, CTC Master Therapist, NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner and Reiki 2 practitioner and Hypnotherapist Practitioner.

Constantly Empowering people to heal, love themselves, achieve more and shape their present and future.

Want to know more?

Ready to Heal, Grow, Shine and Thrive?

Time to Harness the Power of Your Mind to Transform Your Life.

Here’s what I can do to help you achieve a meaningful life:

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Deep Relaxation and Heightened Focus

1 hour

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Transformation on the level of mind, body and spirit

2 hours

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Transformational Coaching
Grow, Develop and Rewrite your Mentality

1 hours

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Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate

1 hour

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Emotional Freedom Technique & Reiki
Restore balance to your disrupted energy system

1.5 hour

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CTC for Weight Loss & Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program
This is not a diet, it is a new lifestyle

7 Weeks, 6-Step Program

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Don’t let your Fears and Doubts encage you.

“If you can Change your Mind, You can Change your Life”

- William James

My therapeutic coaching and sessions will help you

Elevate your Inner Power and Create Boundless Success

Let’s talk you to an abundant life

Hear what my Clients have to say

  • ” I have had two amazing sessions with Maya, Reiki and Combined Therapy Cocktail. The processes Maya took me through were gentle but life-affirming. I have emerged from them with renewed focus, energy and personal power, leaving behind negative thoughts and feelings. It has been

    so helpful and healing. I am feeling strong, confident and powerful and I know I can hold on to this mindset. Maya is so attuned to the client, and she really cares that we find again the inner happiness and peace that we all possess. I can't thank her enough.”
    - Gail, Sydney
  • "Marijana is a kind, gentle and intuitive healer. She is deeply in tune with her clients and is incredibly talented. I wasn’t sure on what answers I was looking for when I went to see Marijana, I was in the very early stages of pregnancy and seeking some positive reassurance and stress relief to calm my anxiety and uncertainty. She provided just that and more. She assured me that our baby was healthy and happy and spoke with 100% confidence that our baby was sticking around. She even correctly identified our baby’s gender (which I found out 4 months later!). After our sessions, I felt calm, reassured, and connected. All stress was gone, and I felt nothing but calm and assurance. I can’t recommend Marijana enough for anyone looking for some guidance – even if you don’t know the questions you are seeking answers for – she will help provide clarity, calm, connection and the chance for some self-care."
    - VICKY G, Sydney
  • ”I can highly recommend Maya as a reiki practitioner and meditation guide. Maya is an incredibly professional, warm, friendly and thorough person who asked me many questions before we started our first reiki practice together. I felt safe and comfortable throughout the session and she followed up with me post-session to see how I was feeling. I would definitely see Maya again.”
    - AMBER A, Sydney
  • ”Maya is a natural healer, she created change in me that I will be forever grateful for. I highly recommend her services.”
    - JULIE T, Sydney
  • ”Marijana Paunovic has changed my life with CTC- combined therapy cocktail!I used to deal with severe anxiety and thought very negatively, but the 2.5h session completely changed my outlook on life! Each day I get better and better! I would highly recommend having this session with this beautiful lady!! Xx”
    - NATASHA Z, Melbourne
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. How do you facilitate transformations?
Transformational Coaching incorporates a variety of approaches and techniques to effectively support personal discovery and development. When our own perspective changes, we alter how we perceive things. As a Transformation Coach myself, I provide a space to improve my client’s self-awareness and unleash their inner power to help them see themselves afresh.
Q.2. How will I benefit from your therapies?
Just a few of the many positive changes that you will experience under my therapy include gaining emotional liberation from whatever holds you back, experiencing huge positive shifts in all areas of your life, and enjoying profound sensations of inner peace that bring joy and happiness into your life.

I will help you achieve a broadened perspective of self-awareness, higher self-acceptance, raised self-esteem, improved self-compassion and an overarching sense of empowerment.
Q.3. What should I expect in a service from you?
Each service is designed to fit your life and all of its particular elements, meeting you where you are in your life. The benefits of each of the services I provide are explained in detail for you to understand what is the most suitable for you. We may discuss a package that will best suit your journey during our call.
Q.4. How should I prepare for a session?
In each session, you will be given the opportunity to release any pent-up emotions, as well as learn how to better understand and appreciate your individual gifts and talents. All you need to do is, come to the session with a super calm, composed and open mindset.
Q.5. What location are your sessions held at?
It depends! If you opt for a telephonic session then, we will connect over zoom since they are secure and encrypted.
On the other hand, the face-to-face sessions are conducted in rooms based in Avalon & Freshwater, Sydney.
Q.6. What does Hypnosis feel like?
It is basically a state of trance, almost like you are having a nap. You will feel calm, relaxed and more open to suggestions. It is important to note that you will be aware of everything while being hypnotized.
Q.7. How do you take up Reiki?
So for Reiki, you will be completely clothed while I place my hands above various sections of your body to allow the flow of this beautiful Reiki energy. Deep Relaxation and Energy Rebalancing will be provided throughout an hour-long session to support your body’s inbuilt ability to heal and recover.
You will feel rejuvenated, grounded and deeply refreshed.
Q.8. What can be dealt with in a CTC (Combined Therapy Cocktail) Session?

The most common issue that can be taken care of in a CTC session are: 

  • Feeling insufficient or unworthy
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Weight loss and food-related issues
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Feeling directionless and lost
  • Anger, Guilt, Shame
  • And more…

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Q.9. How do I book a session?

You can find a time that suits you and book your session via this link.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me directly here.

I am a fully registered and insured therapist.

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Strategic Psycotherapist
CTC-Combined Therapy Cocktail Master Therapist
NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner
EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner

Business Hours:
Wed 7 am - 9 pm AEST
Thu - Fri 7 pm - 10 pm AEST
Saturday 8 am - 6 pm AEST

Select evening and early morning
sessions are available upon request.

Online sessions are available via Zoom worldwide.

Avalon Wholistic Medical and Dental Centre
Level 1, 55 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107

Freshwater Wellness Centre
1 Rowe St, Freshwater NSW 2096

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