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Clinical Hypnotherapy
Awareness. Focus. Relaxation.

1 hour

Enhances the power of your mind and leads you to deep relaxation and a lasting transformation in just a few sessions.
You will be guided through a trance-like state that will help you focus, listen to suggestions more readily, and relax profoundly, while you remain awake and conscious.
Can help you find solace while also effectively treating phobias, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, chronic pain, self-esteem issues and so much more.
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Combined Cocktail Therapy
Release. Heal. Transform.

2 hours

This potent two-hour session is intended to change the mind, body, and soul permanently. The right combination of several modalities is used to enable healing on all levels, leaving you feeling lighter, more in control, and more confident.
CTC will release your previous emotional problems, addictions, self-doubts, anxieties, phobias, resentments, exhaustion, anger, guilt, feeling of not being good enough and anything else that is preventing you from moving forward or keeping you trapped.
You'll feel so light and relieved to be rid of all the things you've been carrying for far too long. You'll be so inspired and fired up to start achieving your goals and leading the life you've always wanted.
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Emotional Freedom Technique & Reiki Encourages Relaxation. Promotes Calm.

1.5 hours

Tapping on energy meridians helps in rewiring and transforming thought patterns that have led to anxiety, fears, phobias, addictions, and other negative emotions and beliefs, quite simply and effectively.
Rejuvenating and soothing Reiki energy healing is performed after EFT to solidify changes made by EFT.
You'll feel so much better when you leave the session—calmer, lighter, healed, and centered.

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Relax. Recharge. Rejuvenate.

1 hour

Deep relaxation and energy rebalancing will be provided throughout an hour-long session to support the body's inherent ability to recover.
The gentle Reiki energy will flow through my hands as I place them gently on or above your body in a series of positions, healing and rebalancing every cell in your body while you stay completely clothed.
You will feel regenerated, grounded, and extremely calm following this hour-long session.
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CTC for Weight Loss and Virtual Gastric Sleeve Program Rewire your Mindset. Transform your Body.

7 Weeks

This highly effective 6-step regimen lasts for at least 7 weeks. The programme is equally successful in person as online. The program is suitable for everyone, regardless the amount of weight you wish to lose.
Your existing physical state's physiological and mental problems and drivers will be released through a number of processes, and they will be replaced with more empowered routines and messages, resulting in long-lasting improvements and a new way of being.
Can help you alter the underlying causes of your present physical condition, drastically reduce your weight, boost your motivation, and harness the amazing power of your mind to produce amazing outcomes.
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Transformational Coaching
Awareness. Alignment. Action

1 hour

Empowers you with the self-assurance to rely on your own judgment, pay attention to your gut, and search within for future solutions. Structured to suit individual needs.
Together, we will identify the obstacles to your goals that are actually getting in the way and determine what needs to be done to move you forward, while undoing any unhelpful thought habits and disprove any limiting notions that are keeping you back.
Assistance in any areas where assistance is required as you move closer to finding your ultimate fulfillment.
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Business Hours:
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Select evening and early morning
sessions are available upon request.

Online sessions are available via Zoom worldwide.

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